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“Are you captain of your ship?”


This is the question that Nelson Mandela challenged himself in developing his leadership self-mastery. And as is well known, Mandela mastered his own powerful negative feelings towards his oppressors. This is what enabled him to lead a country through a very traumatic time of transition.


One of the dangers of not developing self-mastery as a leader is that we will tend to respond in knee jerk reactive rather than creative ways. And once we get hooked into knee jerk emotional reactions, we tend to produce the very situation that we want to get beyond.


Self-mastery enables leaders to:

  • listen very carefully to people and respond in ways that take things forward.

  • Speak in ways that are attuned to the real time experience of people in the organisations.

  • Be resolute when making decisions, taking risks, and embracing responsibility.

  • Develop a mindset for complexity and ambiguity.

  • Develop psychological flexibility in times of stress and uncertainty.

  • Develop “practical wisdom.”


In this workshop we will use examples from a range of leaders to understand the real time experience of leadership self-mastery. We will use these experiences to challenge ourselves on our journey to becoming “captain of our ship.”

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