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leadership coaching

Leaders face challenges to their mental wellbeing on a daily basis.  


These challenges include, amongst others, stress, pressure, uncertainty, and anxiety of individual responsibility. Failure to take care of these challenges negatively impacts your mental wellbeing, clarity of thought, wisdom and judgement as well as your ability to nurture teams and relationships.


As a leader, taking your mental wellbeing for granted can lead to a sense of your life being out of control, a sense of not being ‘captain of your own ship,’ a collapse of the boundaries between work and home and compulsive working habits.


This may result in more serious forms of anxiety, depression, breakdown in relationships, drinking too much alcohol and excessive anger.


Those leaders who take care of their wellbeing challenges develop the resilience, resolve, emotional attunement (intelligence), wisdom of judgment and clarity of thought to respond proactively to stress as well as a refined ability to read and respond decisively to the situation. Those leaders who embrace their mental wellbeing challenges are on a path towards actualising themselves as leaders. They create the space to turn obstacles into opportunities, build relationships and the ability to reframe situations in ways that open new possibilities.   


As a coach and psychologist, I work with you to take care of your mental health in ways that empower you as a leader. For further information please contact me via the email address or phone number below:

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