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organisational development

We provide organisations with the skills to work efficiently across different business functions ensuring that organisations do not break up into silos.


We help organisations develop a ‘we’ rather than ‘us vs them’ culture.

We use a range of frameworks within which to move beyond silos, building shared organisational understanding and culture of trust.


Our frameworks include:


1. The skills to hold what Fernando Flores called effective ‘conversations for action’.

​2. The skills for reflecting, framing and reframing the mindsets of the different silos in organisations. Reframing is important because it allows us to step out of our silos own culture and enter the culture of other silos.  

3. Philosophy based forms of organisational design thinking skills. Different problems require different Design thinking skills.


Philosophy offers a whole range of problem-solving processes that can be tailor made for different kinds of problems. From Socrates to Sartre, philosophers provide different ways of conceptualising a problem, different processes for working through the problem and different ways of solving the problem.


The choice of philosopher depends on working through the initial statement of the problem.

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