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It is not surprising that issues of mental health and wellbeing are becoming so important in organisations. Uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, and stress are part of the package of being a manager, leader and employee in organisational life.  If these are not treated with care, they can easily turn into anxiety and depression, creating a toxic leader in a toxic workplace.


When mental health concerns are treated with care, they can become the basis for transformational organisational experiences. They open up new possibilities and allow for the development of confidence that being authentic brings.


To work effectively with mental health issues means including not only the rational, thinking part of the individual, team or department. It means understanding the importance of emotions in developing the range of practices associated with organisations.


For leaders it means developing the emotional intelligence for:

  • Creating meaning, purpose and direction at work

  • Managing the uncertainty in and of organisational change

  • Developing wise judgment to lead in unpredictable and complex environments.

  • Actualising yours and your team’s leadership potential.

  • Integrating Mental Health into strategic thinking

  • Motivating from a mental health perspective

  • Turning disruptions into opportunities

  • Creating a learning culture

  • Coaching and mentoring novices

  • Making “big decisions.”

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