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There is a growing recognition of widespread mental health concerns in our communities. Anxiety, depression, feelings of meaninglessness, emptiness and loneliness are painful experiences. They get in the way of our wellbeing and impair our everyday coping.


They prevent us from living our best possible lives.

Psychotherapy provides a supportive environment where you can feel recognised and heard in your emotional pain. It’s a safe space where you begin a therapeutic journey offering the opportunity to: 

  • To create meaning, purpose and direction in life

  • Explore and work through emotions and issues holding you back

  • Develop your psychological flexibility

  • Turn experiences of feeling lost and blocked into new possibilities

  • Bring out the best in yourself

  • Develop your resolve and resilience

  • Turn disruptions and surprises into opportunities

  • See disruptions in a relationship as the basis for developing a new lens on relationship

  • Develop new skills for everyday living and relating

  • Reflect and be witness to your own journey

To find out how Steven can help you, email or call on the number below:

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